Three Month Sock Yarn Club / "Just the Yarn" Women in Mythology Sock Edition / Spring 2017


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A no nonsense yarn club for sock yarn lovers: Phydeaux Designs' "Just the (Sock) Yarn."

Yarn clubs can get kind of crazy with bonuses, surprises and special packaging. Sometimes, all you want is the yarn! If so, this club is perfect for you.

"Just the Yarn" is a three month subscription. Each month, you'll receive one skein of Phydeaux fingering weight sock yarn, in a brand new colourway, valued at $26 to 28 US each skein.

The colorways will remain exclusive to club members for three months, after which, they may become available to the general public. Club members, however, will be able to ordering additional skeins in that colorway during the life of their club membership.

Installments will ship at the end of April, May and June 2017.

Also, I'll try to dye extra skeins that will be available to order for immediate shipping. Quantities will be super limited with no guarantee of availability, and may sell out very quickly.  These extra skeins will be posted for order during the first weeks of May, June and July 2017.

About the color inspiration

For this club, colourways will be inspired by women in mythology:  some of my favorite mythological female characters. Which cultures and which myths will I choose? That's part of the mystery!  Colors will be variegated, rather than tonal, and - as always - neither striping nor pooling.

About the yarn

Base yarns will be a surprise for this club.  The yarn WILL be sock yarn, meaning each skein will have 20-25% nylon in the fiber content for durability.  Each installment will be the same base yarn, and one installment will use Phydeaux's Chaussette sock yarn. Other installments may use yarns not regularly carried by Phydeaux, but will be sock yarns.

More about Phydeaux yarns and the club

I use professional quality acid dyes to ensure vivid, lasting color. I take great care to dye yarn that is variegated throughout: no big pools or stripes of color. I also reskein all of my yarn after dyeing to ensure your skein is free of tangles and knots. 

The photos below are representative of recent Phydeaux colorways - your skein's colourway will be brand new, never before seen.  Your colourway will likely be experimental, using new dyeing techniques, making your skein all the more unique.

The subscription includes a one time shipping charge that will cover all three shipments. Please be sure to select the club option for the country that your order will ship to, including gifts. If your destination's address doesn't correspond to the option ordered, you will charged additional shipping in order to finalize your order. The single month option adds the shipping to your order, based on your shipping address.

FIrst installment ships April 30th, 2017 (May 1st, since the 30th is a Sunday)!


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