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Title: Sportif SW: SALE L'Orange Ready to Ship

Cozy and soft, cabled and springy, hand dyed in delicious summery citrus, with rich orange glazes topped with sheer washes of lemon, sunshine gold and soft blush. Full of depth and dimension to bring your knits to life. 100% superwash eight-ply merino wool: will not felt.  

"Sportif" is buttery soft superwash merino wool with four two-ply threads, creating an eight-ply cabled wool.

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SALE:  price is already reduced

I use professional quality acid dyes to ensure vivid colors that will last. I take great care to dye yarn that is variegated throughout: no big pools or stripes of color. I also reskein all of my yarn after dyeing to ensure no tangles or knots.

Very soft and fluffy - perfect to wear next to your skin. Not itchy at all!

▶ Eight-ply sport weight
▶ 272 yds (248 m)
▶ 3.5 oz (100 gm) skein
▶ 100% superwash merino wool
▶ Machine wash cool/cold water, gentle cycle, line or machine dry

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