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Grandmere:  hand dyed yarn in deep, moody color, like Grandmother Spider of mythology, or perhaps Grandma's creepy attic? Layers and glazes and speckles of color, with deep charcoals and greys, rich golds and barks washes of rose and sky and violet, and speckles of gold and leaf and other colors: the perfect semisolid / tonal colourways for both men's and women's knits.

Grandmere pairs beautifully Clafoutis, Mercury Glass and Shell.

{{ IMPORTANT }} You may order dyed on order skeins on this page, but ready to ship skeins may be in stock (check here).  Dyed on order skeins will take at least four to six weeks to ship.

Check base yarn status before you place your order.

Your skeins will not be identical to these photos, but will be very similar. No two skeins are identical. Colors will vary from skein to skein - if your project requires more than one skein, please be sure to alternate rows to ensure variegation and please be sure to order sufficient skeins for your project at the same time.

I use professional quality acid dyes to ensure vivid colors that will last. I take great care to dye yarn that is variegated throughout: no big pools or stripes of color. I also reskein all of my yarn after dyeing to eliminate knots and tangling.

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